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1 month ago

Leo Margarit

And I must add that I mixed the live bonus tracks!Following the release of their acclaimed new studio album “PANTHER”, Sweden’s progressive Metal innovators Pain of Salvation are announcing a special re-issue edition for their “The Perfect Element, Pt. I” album from 2000. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the band’s third album, the re-issue version is entitled “The Perfect Element, Pt. I (Anniversary Mix 2020)” and will be released on November 20th, 2020 via InsideOutMusic.

A first taste of the release is available as of today with the launch of its first digital single “Ashes (Anniversary Mix 2020)” here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVblZBWE5ag and here: open.spotify.com/track/1KsDYvXlD1Kwv8h4WQUmOv

Following on from the widely praised remix of the classic Pain of Salvation album “Remedy Lane” in 2016, “The Perfect Element, Pt. I (Anniversary Mix 2020)” comes completely remixed by Pontus Lindmark as well as mastered by Thor Legvold / Sonovo. The release, which features slightly revised artwork as well as new liner-notes, will be available as limited 2CD Digipak and Digital Album (with a total of 8 bonus tracks) as well as in the Gatefold 2LP format on 180g. vinyl with the entire remixed album as bonus CD.

Pre-order now here: painofsalvation.lnk.to/ThePerfectElementI2020

And I must add that I mixed the live bonus tracks!

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i loved your mix on your drum playthroughs. im certainly going to love these!

In celebration please do a drum playthrough of The Perfect Element 🙏🙏🙏

You guys are saving this troubled year... 🖤

Awesome news for this fucked up year!!!!

Génial Leo Margarit. J'espère bientôt si possible un live de la dernière tournée qui était fantastique d'émotions à l'image de l'avant dernier album.


Du coup, j'espère d'autres drum playthrough 🤘 tout prochainement !

Heck YEAH!

When will we get the live bonus tracks information? I can't waiiittt!! 😍😍😍

Should have had it remixed by the kids on the front of the album!!! They are old enough now! 😂

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1 month ago

Leo Margarit

Here it is, ACCELERATOR!
Enjoy! 🙂

Video image

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As weird as complex to understand as complex to play.😉 Well done Leo for such creativity on this drum parts!

I'm sorry but this sounds to me better than the album. It sounds killer! Great job!

So tight and relaxed at the same time! Cool man ! Grosses bises du Nord de la France ! 😉

Superbe! Merci, c’est toujours très inspirant de vous voir performer Monsieur Margarit.

Vraiment bien Léo!!! J'adore ton style sur PANTHER Cheers du Quebec

Encore un sacré challenge ce morceau... bravo !

Intense! Especially the section with the bass drum played with 1 foot! ❤️

Sebastien Belva 🤩🤩🤩

Sounds a lot like the "Road Salt" Drum/Mix. Is it the same kit?

Ça déménage.

T es belle avec tes cheveux de shampooing 🧴 de méchant !!! Bravo ! Au plaisir de te recroiser

- Ok Leo. The question is, where is the one? - which one? - thats the second question...

You are a monster

Tasty. Never overplayed. Hardest part is likely the isolated kick drum section, feels weird to not do anything with the hands to counterweight your core 😂

Grymt spel. Ståpäls delux👍👍🤘🤘


Walter Bénazet 🙃😀

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1 month ago

Leo Margarit

Are you ready for ACCELERATOR’s playthrough? @painofsalvationband @insideoutmusic #leomargarit #painofsalvation #panther #accelerator #drumplaythrough ...

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Love it 🖤

Merci !

Amazing, Leo! I can barely wait to see you again asap! ^_^

Yes. Yes, I am.



I want more!!!😉☺


Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaao, Super...👍👍👍👍🙏

En boucle!!!!😍

I am WAITing for the "WAIT". Rly, Leo Margarit, please xD

U R A bad man,!🙏

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2 months ago

Leo Margarit

Got a surprise from Lord @danielgildenlow yesterday! Celebrations are in order! ❤️ Did you listen to PANTHER yet? The album is out and available everywhere!
#panther #painofsalvation #rhum #sugarfreemojito

Got a surprise from Lord @danielgildenlow yesterday! Celebrations are in order! ❤️ Did you listen to PANTHER yet? The album is out and available everywhere!
#panther #painofsalvation #rhum #sugarfreemojito

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It's an amazing album! Congrats, Leo ♥️🌸

Cet album est fantastique. C'est incroyable cette manière de faire évoluer votre musique et les partie de batterie sont remarquables. Immense musicien !

It’s a masterpiece! I’m waiting for my vinyl now

Lord Daniel is the best 😍 Like you Leo. The album is unexpected, revolutionary, strange but unique, with each listening it changes and takes on new nuances

Fantastic work Leo, your drumming is astonishing as always... Can't wait to see you guys live playing Panther (hope soon)

Leo, congratulations for the awesome work you did on this album. Your drumming is simply fantastic, full of technique and energy. You deserve the best, friend. As soon as this pandemic is over, we're waiting for you here in Brazil.

Super album encore une fois

Bravo les gars pour ce coup de maître, l'album est exceptionnel! Merci !

It's an exceptional! It's been on constant replay for the last few days since I got it. Congratulations!


Ça c'est la grande classe ! Super album !

Mon vinyle est à la poste, je vais le chercher demain.

Leo, the album is fantastic! Congrats! My copies should arrive soon, but I listened on Spotify. I always know to expect something new, but I never know what it’s going to be. The way you play the quintuplets and septuplets on Accelerator is so good and unlike some people, I loved Panther, especially the rapping parts and the groove that is deceptively intricate. There’s literally no band in the world like PoS. You guys deserve world fame, the whole discography is so legendary and covers so much ground musically, conceptually, and emotionally.

I just listen it once. Not enough to have an opinion on it, like every Prog album! 😉

The album is great you guys rule !!!!

❤️ Il n'a pas dédicacé chaque album à ton nom? Bah quoi ? 😂

So this is what you get payed for exceptional drumming on a brilliant album?! 😉

Je l ai pas encore trouvé en vinyle mais je ne désespère pas 😉


encore un album incroyable

Bonsoir Leo 😊 Oui il tourne sur la platine en ce moment ! J'étais si contente de le recevoir que je lui ai fait un gros câlin 😄 Il me l'a bien rendu quand j'ai mis le son ! Super boulot, bravo et merci 😁 ... Je croise (tout) les doigts pour que cette dure période soit derrière nous au plus vite pour vous retrouver sur scène 😘

Merci pour ces compositions, ce son et ces rythmes complètement addictifs ! Et santé avec le Mojito 🥂

Que dire ????? Une véritable tuerie.... un album exceptionnel, différent, comme vous savez si bien le faire Je vous aime <3

Vraiment énorme, j'y retrouve tout ce que j'aime . Merci pour ce beau boulot... 🤘👍

Rätt åt dig! 😘

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2 months ago

Leo Margarit

New day, new video! Today I present you with our new single PANTHER! Hope you dig it! ...

Video image

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Great track can't wait for the album!!!!

Dimitris Dimou Dimitris Drosos

we are digging wearing a dog mask 😛

Sooo different than previous stuff!

The song is amazing, but the drums! Wow!

Love it! Great sound!

killer track!

This is the best one so far - it's on my sixth playthrough now and it seems to reignate this passionate awaiting of an upcoming album that I was dearly missing for some time now. Great job!

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2 months ago

Leo Margarit

The full video is available on @insideoutmusic YouTube channel! Or here:
Head up there and check it out!
@painofsalvationband @paistecymbals @evansdrumheads @promarkbydaddario @sonordrumco @asba_drums @micehrlund #painofsalvation #leomargarit #panther #restlessboy

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Love it ! Thank you so much 🤘 !

Outstanding! 😄🤘

Great performance! 👏🏼

Love it!

Thanks so much for this Leo!!! 😉🤘

Leo mon chèr, t'es un des plus grands. Ne quittes jamais PoS. Je t'embrace du Portugal.

You sir is the star of this record! Great playing/sound. Kudos.


Test passed! 👍

Looks just like as if you could play drums 😜 Great work, maestro!

Killer Leo, very interesting setup;—)

Énorme Leo !!!

T es vraiment un tueur leo

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3 months ago

Leo Margarit

Coming soon!
@painofsalvationband @paistecymbals @evansdrumheads @promarkbydaddario @asba_drums #painofsalvation #panther #restlessboy #quintuplets #septuplets

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Can you guide us through the time signatures and the rhythmic figures please?

Leo 💙

Impatient de dompter la Panther 🐾 et de vous revoir très vite en live 🎶🤘🏼

I'm not a musician but the first time I listened to this song I kept thinking about how difficult the time signature is. I have so much respect and admiration for you, Leo. You're certainly one the the best drummers I've ever seen.

Excited! The tracks you've released so far are so great!

Énorme cette part

Genius 🖤


Magnifique son en effet si particulier et si addictif !

Yessssss 👍🏻😘

Je suis en train de rédiger la chronique de l’album.... la batterie (jeu + son) est fantastique. Tellement organique et différent de tout ce qu’on entend généralement dans le métal. Subtil, naturel, chaud, inspiré... un vrai bonheur. Bravo !

Une idée de la date de diffusion?

Ohh you played that open handed.. Interesting! Is it only due to the position of the drums or some other reason?

Un des meilleurs batteurs de la planète

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3 months ago

Leo Margarit

Second single from our new album! RESTLESS BOY! ...

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Love it!

I feel like it's too short! Like, I want MORE of it! But hey, guess what, there's probably going to be another "Travis plays" video of this coming soon 😉

Love it ! Can't wait for the drum playthrough 🤘

Love it. It feels like a builder song too, so really anxious to hear what it may build to.

Amazing job! 🖤

Can't wait for Panda!

Silvia Lilo Stregatta

These are triplets into quintuplets?

Bile Jeguier mmhhwouhhhyeahhhmhhhh

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3 months ago

Leo Margarit

I’m also preparing a drum playthrough of RESTLESS BOY! ...

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Great news! <3

Friday is going to be a great day!!!!

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4 months ago

Leo Margarit

Here comes the first single from our new album Panther 🙂 Enjoy! ...

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It gave me chills. I love it.

Love it!!!!!

On the first listen of the first chorus I thought there's something wrong with the editing, couple of seconds missing or smth. Some sneaky shit going on there. 😀 7/4?

This is amazing!!! Thank you Leo!

I miss Johann and Kristofer!

Florian Didier 😀

Super rythme Léo, excellent boulot, excellent son très acoustique de la batterie. Votre inge est mortel. Grande hâte d'écouter le reste 👍


Quel morceau 👍🏼 impatient pour ce nouvel album et de vous voir très vite sur scène 🎸🎶🤘🏼

Très sympa ce nouveau titre Léo, sacrée partie de batterie 😅. Ça fait du bien d'entendre du PoS. 👍 Hâte d'écouter tout l'album.

Ahmed Samir

Cool! Et Gustaf? Il est oú?

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4 months ago

Leo Margarit

New Pain of Salvation coming up in August! 🙂 ...

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The drum sounds on this sample is amazing!!! 🥁🥁🥁❤️❤️❤️

Trop hâte !

Great news!

Oui monsieur ! 👌🏼

Trop hâte d'écouter tout ça et de vous revoir en live !


Tous ces tendons tendus !!! Ça envoie 🤘🏻🤘🏻

Pour rugir de plaisir

C'est bon ça !

Can't wait!!!

🔥🔥🔥🔥🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 It's such a shame that respect for talented composition and musical theory doesn't get more recognized. I've followed PoS for pushin 20 years and I'm always stunned that you guys dont get more acclaim. That said, idgaf, your fans will always be here.

Yeahhhh. That’s good news for 2020!!

that 20 seconds clip alone made August better, even before we lived it.

Great! Best news ever!

Can't wait !!!

Can’t wait 🤘

Grande Leo Margarit

Pascal Courtemanche

Florian Didier

Kiss Márton Kiss

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4 months ago

Leo Margarit

Here’s a new track by my good friend Javier Sepulveda . It’s a great fusion/prog instrumental piece that I recorded the drums for earlier this year in my own studio. I’m truly honored to be asked by so many great musicians such as Javier and many others to be part of their musical adventures...! Keep ‘em coming! ❤️ ...

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I love it ! Great job !

It’s always a true honor to work with you brother, thanks so much for making every tune and Every show sound just amazing 🤟🏻❤️

Det buggas för fullt här på altanen! 😂

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5 months ago

Leo Margarit

Less is more! For at least 20 seconds...! 😂 ...

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Snyggt! 😀


Underbart är kort. 😂😘

« Less is more » ... J’y ai cru mais non on reconnaît bien la patte de Léo the cat ! 😀

How can be less more? That is impossible! More is more! /Yngwie Malmsteen/

Waouw 😍😍

Haha love how you drew me in with the simplicity and slowly went full prog! Leo, those polyrhythms / hemiolas or whatever you call those patterns are incredible!

When you're going on a long, multi measure fill in what sounds like a triplet feel, are you counting in your head and finding count 1 at the end? Such an easy groove to follow until you go nuts then I can't find the beat even with the metronome!

Killer playing ;—) great drum sound ,!

Jesus, you're good.. I'm ashamed to say I got lost at 1:13 (at least at first listen) 😇

Mais oui mon poulet j’aime quand tu joues du ternaire❤️

Leo the Cat !!! qui retombe toujours sur ces pattes.

More is more 😄👍 Yngwie says! 😉😂

Lord, Du är duktig ändå! 👍👍

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5 months ago

Leo Margarit

Trying out different combinations on 32nd triplets at 75bpm. Very useful on your everyday radio pop hit! 🤪 #leomargarit #paistecymbals #promarksticks #evansdrumheads #studiopractice #studiosession #drumrecording #75bpm #32ndtriplets ...

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Yesssssss ! ♥️✌️🙏Biz

Ca donne envie d'en avoir plus ! N'hésite pas à renseigner les "pop Hits" auxquels tu penses 😎

Bravo..super...incredible 🙏 👍👍👍

#leofaitdesclaquettes 🤘🏻🤘🏻

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5 months ago

Leo Margarit

Working in my studio with my beloved gear! @uaudio @hairballaudio @micehrlund @sonordrumco @evansdrumheads @promarkbydaddario @paistecymbals #sessionwork #recordingstudio #drummerforhire @ Eskilstuna, Sweden ...

Working in my studio with my beloved gear! @uaudio @hairballaudio @micehrlund @sonordrumco @evansdrumheads @promarkbydaddario @paistecymbals #sessionwork #recordingstudio #drummerforhire  @ Eskilstuna, SwedenImage attachmentImage attachment

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Hope to hear that as soon as possible! All the best🤘

Kan du lägga trummor på Kings Of Metal?

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6 months ago

Leo Margarit

A little bit of 5/4 shredding!
#leomargarit #5/4 #drumsolo #nathanaelmalnoury #taniamargarit @promarkbydaddario @evansdrumheads @paistecymbals @sonordrumco

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That rythm sounds very Turkish, if it makes any sense ...

Waow,,, Excellent 🎉🎶Bravo

Teach me, I m a asn drummer that just know count until 4!!!

Morten Husby Nu har leo satt trumfillet till still got the blues så nu kanske vi spelar den;)

Du haltar i 4/4 😀

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6 months ago

Leo Margarit

As promised here comes a little clarification about the second verse of Used! Let me know what you think I should cover next in the comments! The full playthrough will be released soon on youtube so keep your eyes open! ...

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I love your playing Leo!! Thanks for the breakout! 🤘😎🤘

awesome! ❤️

Nightmist would be awesome 😬

You rule thank you!!!

Ça paraît tellement simple quand tu le joue leo....

Ah... now I finally get it!!! Thank you 🙂

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