New Video “M/S Atlantis”

I just uploaded a new drumming video of one of my tunes! Here it is:

It’s song idea I had a year and a half ago based on the drum groove of the beginning, and finally did something with it!
I did 3 whole takes and chose the best parts, that’s why you can see a few edits in the video. No other edits than switching between takes have been made.

I played the drums and the guitars and programmed the rest. Fredrik Hermansson is playing the keyboard solo at the end.

I only used 4 microphones, 2 Ehrlund EHR-M as overhead, a Shure Beta 52 in the bass drum and Shure Beta 57 on the snare. All that is plugged into a Universal Audio Apollo Twin and a M-Audio ProFire 2626 and into Protools 11 and a Mac Book Pro.

Hope you like it!


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