Entering studio with Sign.

I’m glad to announce that I’ll be recording the drums for Ragnar Zolber’s Sign at the end of May!

Here are Ragnar’s words:

“On drums…(drum roll please)…..We’re happy to announce that the one and only Leo Margarit (of Pain of Salvation) is playing drums on the new Sign album!
When I heard Leo for the first time on the PoS Linoleum EP, I literally dropped my jaw and drooled….. and he has been one of my favorite drummers out there ever since.

He has already recorded one song for the album and it sounds absolutely surreal! I can’t wait until next week when we go to our dream-studio in Sweden to finish the drums!”

I feel honored that he asked me and after hearing the material I can promise you this is going to kick some serious ass!

Together with Pain of Salvation’s acoustic effort “Falling Home”, EPYSODE II, and the second For All We Know album, it’s a busy year so far! I love it! More to come…? Time will tell!

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Leo Margarit